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Cocaine to be used in schools

Cocaine is one hell of a drug A new government initiative is being launched, which aims to decrease school children’s contact with dangerous drug dealers, improve attendance and increase productivity.  The main idea behind this initiative, lead by Gordon Brown, is to replace free milk for children with free crack.  This is likely a more popular idea than that of Margaret Thatcher, who abolished free milk in schools.  Instead of “milk snatcher”, Gordon Brown is to be known for “spreading the crack around”. It is thought that the main reason for this highly creative directional change on the part of the government is to get children off the streets between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30.  It is expected that absence... (more...)

Gabriel Adams asked: Coca? Na of crack is a derivative of coca? Na that a compound extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. It is considered a recreational drug by many users, experienced a nearly EUF? Rich and well-being of the energy a. The problem is that coca? Na of crack, like other illegal drugs is very dangerous and can cause death or serious side. Cocaine 's use of recreational drugs such as est? quiz? s second only to the use of marijuana. The availability list in the street makes... (more...)