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Posted by hajamie On June - 9 - 201021 COMMENTS

“Live In The Seventies”

drockadam6 asked:

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21 Responses to ““Live In The Seventies””

  1. chapter41 says:

    I wouldn’t call it his greatest song ever because he didn’t write it. it’s a cover of J.J. Cale’s song. Clapton has so many amazing songs that I can’t call any one of them my sole favorite.

  2. y00sta says:

    purple and orange im a pretty man as ali used to say lol

  3. Peider248 says:

    great song!
    i always have to think about “lord of war” when i hear it

  4. VictorBiancardine says:

    Eric is Epic. No comments there.

  5. 12gaugebleachdrinker says:

    hey you’re english! whats your colour? lol.

  6. cluenobody says:

    my personal favourite of his

  7. missasegei says:

    This was my shyt when I was like 14 years old.

  8. maximusroos says:

    almost every song of eric is just perfekt 🙂

  9. wollpass says:

    how about “tears in heaven” there are a couple of songs….

  10. HOAX900 says:

    Oye chico clapton is moi beuno

  11. Vicentejumilla says:

    “probably the greatest eric clapton song EVER!!”?? ” No man, don’t forget LAYLA

  12. cuddy62dj says:

    eric clapton mano veloce…..

  13. steelrsfan7 says:

    probably the greatest eric clapton song EVER!!

  14. johnjohnz12 says:

    i throw lines 2 dis jam

  15. luismendezs says:

    if you wanna hang out, you got to take her out…cocaine

    yeaah baby this is fucking classy.

  16. mckaganfan says:

    FREAKIN AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. sparklerbombg says:

    check out….richard kulkinski part 1(ice man)…got competition

  18. drockadam6 says:

    well my channel name is drockadam6, and a channel is someones public video log.

  19. coblesnoopy says:

    whats your channel?

  20. bartezz125 says:

    good music!!

  21. drockadam6 says:

    Check out my Cocaine cover on my channel!

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