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Archive for August, 2009

Posted by hajamie On August - 26 - 200924 COMMENTS

Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (KCRW 2007)

teya18 asked:

Cocaine interview lentil day too soon buttons distractions official music video is here wwwyoutubecom heres great sia group on facebook by the way there that dont post.

Sign Language For Babies And Beyond

Posted by hajamie On August - 14 - 200924 COMMENTS

Keith Richards – Cocaine Blues

Posted by hajamie On August - 4 - 20096 COMMENTS

Help me find some pictures please?

sophie asked:

I need links to pictures of what appears in the brain when the number of drugs and alcohol, I google someone? Ne I couldn 't find It 's for a school project. I 'd prefer boxes of ecstasy effects of marijuana, the crack / of cocaine, and Herion, and alcohol. Help me please.

The Baby Shower Kit

Posted by hajamie On August - 2 - 200924 COMMENTS

Cocaine Wars – Bolivia

journeymanpictures asked:

April 1996 For centuries the coco leaf was a blessing from the Gods. It alleviated the hunger of the Bolivian poor. Today it is a source of narcotic evil for the West. Bolivia’s government, reliant on US aid and vulnerable to US dictates, has been forced to uphold a war against coco producers. The ‘Leopards’ – anti-narcotic paramilitaries – patrol the tropical jungles of Chapere and destroy small cocaine factories. Local farmers, like Berto, are put under pressure to rip up their coco plants …

The Baby Shower Kit