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jacksontvtv asked:

Rick N asked:

Racial disparity my hairy posterior. I’m certainly not defending the use of powder cocaine, but it’s simply a FACT that users of powder cocaine do not wreak the societal havoc that crack addicts do.

If we simply must level the two sentences, lengthen those for powder cocaine, don’t reduce the ones for crack.
g: That’s a load of crap. I don’t care WHAT the motivation is. The fact remains that users of powder cocaine do not generally hold up liquor stores, commit drive bys, or carjack people. Throw away the key.

Further, did you completely miss the last part of my question? If it’s simply the disparity which bothers you, let’s lengthen the sentence for powder cocaine. That wouldn’t break my heart.
lltrix: Have you ever even SEEN an inner city? I work in one of the crappiest sections of Detroit. Crackheads commit FAR more than their share of crimes in order to feed their habit. I don’t particularly care if it’s inhumane or not. Lock them up and throw away the key. Anyways, how stupid does someone have to be to smoke crack for the first time? It’s not as if the effects aren’t known to every warm, breathing human in the country.
citizenjane: All I can say is “Wow!” We don’t agree often, but when we do, we really do! Can I drive the bulldozer?

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