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Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine original soundtrack remix stonebridge edit sander

By: garnet99999

About the Author:

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21 Responses to “Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine – Stonebridge edit”

  1. ahyoubanana says:

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  2. hammersbraut says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaay ^^

  3. xxmajtusiaxx says:

    i`m love it!!!!

  4. basshunterdotA09 says:

    i love her!

  5. XxXLindseywayXxX says:

    what year is this song?

  6. lolinski787 says:

    where can i dowload this song?

  7. christian12102 says:

    I love this version! =D
    It’s semi-dancy and it’s just as amazing as the original~ ?

  8. MistyCMissy says:

    Love this track!

  9. xekbixsi says:

    why is this version everywhere? its massively inferior to the original

  10. xdapperd says:

    haha, ja ik denk ut.
    nee, ik was een beetje levenloos bezig, want ik zat al een week ziek thuis, en dan krijg je dit hea.,
    en hoezo late reactie?[nu van mij dan hea.]

  11. slipperysquid says:

    What a shame…….such a narrow minded attitude towards music.
    It would actually bring SIA to a much wider audience that would never have actually botherd/heard any of her tunes…funnily enough like myself.
    I had never heard of her until I listened to this track and then promptly went out and got her album.
    Expand your mind…I mean I don’t like Death Metal personally but I can understand the skill needed to play complex guitar riffs and massive drumming solo’s.

  12. Lektroluv86 says:

    I love this song.
    I must put this song into my mixes


  13. bonjourMELL says:

    perfect song and perfect lyircs.


  14. mikeandhev says:

    Sia has real talent. This is one of the best songs I have ever heard, sung with such verve and feeling!

  15. LacunaSS says:

    lovely voice she has

  16. djjonrich says:

    has 2 b the best song ever,,,love it

  17. fargonebewdy says:

    agree! – Sia does cool nuanced vocals extremely well – she is totally wasted on this banal set-and-forget-repeato-musak . only the vapid brain dead (or brain-washed teeny boppers) would lap this excreta up. chinkachink chinkachink chinkachink
    – my cat does better walking over my keyboard hehe

  18. sven5185 says:

    hammer geile mukke…

  19. JagrJr68 says:

    Wow really good song/remix 10/10

  20. matthecat178 says:

    hmm kinda like this

  21. CORY says:

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