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Archive for the ‘Religion & Spirituality’ Category

Posted by hajamie On September - 6 - 20093 COMMENTS

Fundie Pentacostal Multiple-Choice Questions?

My 2 Cents asked:

For god to be surprised how well you can praise god in bed with plenty of himself over the picture of stolen property the healing of her side taught that us interstate highway signs are coded to hell for it.

Ultimate Guide To Baby Gender Selection

Posted by hajamie On May - 27 - 200924 COMMENTS

Are you sure you’re open minded?

STFU Dude asked:

I do not know for you, but I am not always d& #39; a person sensée. When télévendeurs, call à outdistance, I am not open d& #39; spirit. I am also of not l& #39; spirit open on the léchage of circuit breakers or ace. Then, d& #39; o? ? l& #39; opening d& #39; spirit GOOD open être d& #39; spirit and bad end? I cannot m& #39; empêcher of MUSE that many chrétiens to criticize the others with the more près l& #39; spirit, but have d&amp little; #39; intérêt à what païens and wiccans (or athées?) ? have? to say. Then, you open êtes d& #39; spirit? For you which are open d& #39; spirit and à what près d& #39; êtes spirit you?

Hush-a-Bye Baby