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Posted by hajamie On June - 7 - 201025 COMMENTS

The CIA Crack Cocaine Drug Trade Exposé

Stated very simply, to fund the Nicaragua Contra army, the Central Intelligence Agency imported and helped distribute Cocaine produced in Nicaragua into America. This massive infusion of cocaine created the crack epidemic of the 1980s. It resulted in a generation of black men dying or being incarcerated for an irrational amount of time due to racist sentencing laws for possession of crack cocaine. Digg it: Take the Red Pill @

By: CommonSense2k8

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Posted by hajamie On May - 23 - 201026 COMMENTS

De Kust van de coca?ne – Colombia

journeymanpictures asked:

Januari 2010 Buenaventura het epicentrum van de Columbiaanse tragedie. 80% leven in armoede en de sociale wanhoop heeft de drugshandel aangetrokken om de citys afro-Columbiaanse jeugd als zijn beschikbare medewerkers aan te wenden.

NHSChoices asked:

Posted by hajamie On March - 1 - 201025 COMMENTS

The CIA and Crack Cocaine

nyakuti5 asked:

See more @ In tribute to the late investigative reporter Gary Webb. Irrefutable evidence that the the US government was responsible for the catastrophic crack cocaine epidemic. Also features Freeway Rick and US Senator John Kerry.

Posted by hajamie On February - 27 - 201025 COMMENTS

Gary Webb on C.I.A. Trafficking of Cocaine

smileycoyote asked:

journeymanpictures asked:

Posted by hajamie On December - 13 - 200923 COMMENTS

"Frank" anty-reklamy kokainy – Pablo the Dog

CantCopeWontCope asked:

Zobacz og?oszenie dla rz?du "Frank" narkotyków kampani?, koncentruj?c si? na kokain? i zawieraj?ce znak "Pablo narkotyków mu?owy pies", nag?o?nionej przez Peep Show star David Mitchell.

The Baby Shower Kit

Posted by hajamie On September - 30 - 200924 COMMENTS

Ashley Biden Cocaine Video

danturkette asked:

The Ashley Biden cocaine snorting video

Sign Language For Babies And Beyond

Posted by hajamie On August - 2 - 200924 COMMENTS

Cocaine Wars – Bolivia

journeymanpictures asked:

April 1996 For centuries the coco leaf was a blessing from the Gods. It alleviated the hunger of the Bolivian poor. Today it is a source of narcotic evil for the West. Bolivia’s government, reliant on US aid and vulnerable to US dictates, has been forced to uphold a war against coco producers. The ‘Leopards’ – anti-narcotic paramilitaries – patrol the tropical jungles of Chapere and destroy small cocaine factories. Local farmers, like Berto, are put under pressure to rip up their coco plants …

The Baby Shower Kit

Posted by hajamie On April - 26 - 200922 COMMENTS

Cocaine Bust Abroad

NationalGeographic asked:

Twee vrouwen werden aangeboden een luxe vakantie in ruil voor de smokkel van cocaïne. Opgesloten in het buitenland: Peru: woensdag 25 juli 10p et / pt:

Baby Sleep Tonight