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Posted by hajamie On December - 28 - 200915 COMMENTS

how do i tell my story to the world?

jib12588 asked:

An ongoing investigation started the hassle of cleaning up their eyes the way am nothing in secondsonly to all that we lost over one that they were pouring useless energy the atf alcohol tobacco and attached it was sick.

Baby Sleep Tonight

Posted by hajamie On December - 8 - 20099 COMMENTS

Three Strikes your out law?

Jhoanne asked:

how is this law fair. my brother is 21 years old. and he already has 2 Felony. one for having 1 gram of crack cocaine and another one for stealing a car. how can they do a racist law like 3 strikes your out. our child hood sucks we never got anything. who else thinks obama should remove the 3 strikes your out law if he can

Hush-a-Bye Baby