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Posted by hajamie On June - 1 - 201026 COMMENTS

Ticon – Models on cocaine

boomnis88 asked:

Ticon – Models on cocaine

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26 Responses to “Ticon – Models on cocaine”

  1. kokushento says:

    melhor q growling machines, stephan bodzin, felguk e dr.elektroluv!?

  2. tfm2k7 says:


  3. brunonozferaz says:

    Muita Positividade !


  4. chuilalaify says:

    created a ring-tone from 4:54 to 5:34 of this video on Tube 2 Tones{.)com.

  5. theSyringe says:

    Great song 🙂

  6. gustavolorena says:

    Disparado o melhor da XXX

  7. Hagelnot says:

    really n1 tune =D

  8. XxKontraxX says:

    Cocaine really ddd.

  9. doctorspook12345 says:

    molly on cocaine

  10. rmsrx says:

    puta q pariu! q sonzera massa! =D

  11. anbanana89 says:

    bad assedddd I just friggin love Ticon…

  12. zanax72 says:

    i wanna danceeeeeee!!!!

  13. Rasbudzz says:

    anyone down to dance?

  14. elrodo7 says:

    keep the vibe alive

  15. elrodo7 says:

    The vibe alive.

  16. supergreeeeen says:

    pleasure, happiness, success,
    models on cocaine

  17. 16210537 says:

    anyone got a lyrics sheet or scan of one? Am trying to get the full song lyrics down but its hard to keep concentration after the same line is said 20x in a row lololol

  18. wawad99 says:

    if you think this is good you have to try out NEELIX!! the harry potter lookalike is the dogs ballocks

  19. yavanero says:

    fucking electro man ticon is one of the best producer in the trance music. in this kind of electro and minimal

  20. moste1234 says:

    is ticon ,, BITCH!

  21. atadef says:

    its fucking kind of progressive

  22. pjl1979 says:

    ticons stuff kicks ass. what style of dance is this? electro or something similar?

  23. dimaxjr says:

    you dont know nothing for this music my friend…if this is sesto sento i am iron maiden [2] hahahahah

  24. daninhadfa says:

    i love thissssss

  25. JULIO says:

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