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Posted by hajamie On April - 13 - 201025 COMMENTS

Eric Clapton : Cocaine

ripa171 asked:

Eric Clapton and his Rolling Hotel 1979

Posted by hajamie On February - 10 - 201025 COMMENTS

Eric Clapton- Cocaine

Aqualung1989 asked:

Eric Clapton- Cocaine, from the album Slowhand

Posted by hajamie On June - 15 - 200925 COMMENTS

Cocaine Live

Eric Clapton, Cocaine.

By: richard833

About the Author:

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Posted by hajamie On April - 13 - 200924 COMMENTS

Eric Clapton – Cocaine

aeroterek asked:

Eric Clapton LIVE! C& #39; is a disease song. C& #39; in fact a music ? is? the vidéo.

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