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Posted by hajamie On May - 28 - 201022 COMMENTS

Cocaine Cowgirl

h4rley asked:

Matt Mays – Cocaine Cowgirl

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22 Responses to “Cocaine Cowgirl”

  1. patnelson says:

    gotta love the west coast man. reppin’ V.I.

  2. rourke69 says:

    Great fucking song….

  3. frostbitten2death says:

    Must have been twisted when I typed that stupid shit.

  4. 890JonnyMac890 says:

    this song like made matt mays famous, but most people dont know that its not his best song haha,.. on the hood, travellin, tall tress,and building a boat

    give those shots and reply to me

  5. frostbitten2death says:

    Hey Nelson bc can I am from there too!
    But I bled when I was ther, but luckily I knew ppl, and the fuck got murdered:) mmm nelson…all that FCKIN weed!!!!
    Kootenay Rock!

  6. NelsonBCCAN says:

    Three cheers for me I kicked cocaine………..up into my face so I can snort it all.

  7. KevinLounsberry says:

    they’re Canadian? badass

  8. NelsonBCCAN says:

    Cocaine cowboy is phyching me.
    My cocaine cowboy is phyching me.

  9. chenny2chenny says:

    Just saw these boys play last night in G.P, AB. An awesome set, absolutely gold! On the Hood all the way baby!

  10. Tackilla says:

    These guys open The T-Hip in Ottawa this week ….so awsome show …oh btw these guys are Canadians and Canadians rock so much better the days. keep rockin’ guys we love you

  11. NelsonBCCAN says:

    Wow Marilyn Manson is so hot in this video. I wish I had a pussy just like him, and a third tit.

  12. troysmith111111111 says:

    Not to shabby!

  13. bigbirdddd says:

    So where are these guys? Why does my radio play mostly crap (Our lady peace, foo fighters…the list goes on)? Most of the crap we listen to comes straight from the daddy’s boys. You don’t have a chance of making it unless old dad has a buddy somewhere and a big old bankroll. Quality music like this song, everywhere. We don’t get to hear it because of how stupid it makes the other music sound. Kind of like how the radio hushed up most of the 90’s. It was to good by todays standard.

  14. pearljamgirl23 says:

    I am so psyched to see these guys next month opening for Kid Rock!!

  15. Lejendary2 says:

    nah, liking matt is good taste 😀 dude made on epic song

  16. vanillagrunt says:

    was on a album released in 2005

  17. NelsonBCCAN says:

    This video is soso, but the memories and feelings of when first hearing this song is what really rocks. On the Hood also.

  18. NelsonBCCAN says:

    This video is soso, but the memories and feelings of when first hearing this song is what really rocks. On the Hood also.

  19. hardcoreSLDNX says:

    how old is this song?

  20. canucklehead74 says:


  21. sualspongess says:

    this song rocks
    ym mother fuckin box yeahhhhhhh

  22. ALEJANDRO says:

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