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Glamorous asked:

these are the ones i have:
marijuana, acid, cocaine, LSD, salvia, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs, heroin, crack cocaine, opium, mushrooms,nicatine, and alchol.

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What You Should Know About Cocaine Addiction

Barney Garcia asked:

Cocaine is extracted from coca scrub and is the most powerful stimulant having addictive and anesthetic properties. It is commonly known as ‘coke’ and was once upon a time the ingredient of coca cola. Cocaine has produced a major health hazard in America. The complication arising from use is difficult to tackle. The effect of cocaine is so energizing that it numbs the intellect producing a sense of euphoria. It is an addiction which is difficult to break.

An Over View Of the Drug Named Cocaine

Cocaine is available in the form of white crystalline powder. It is chemically changed so as to produce the street drug ‘crack’ which is widely used by drug abusers to smoke.

The route of administration of cocaine is through injections, smoking and inhalation.

The spread of HIV infection due to the use of injected cocaine has become a cause of concern for the society.

How Do People Fall Prey To Cocaine Addiction?

There are various factors which push a person into the clutches of this dreaded drug.

We find many people trying to make easy money by the sale of this drug in streets. The jobless and depressed are easily duped by the touts.

Psychological vulnerability is the root cause in most of the instances. The feeling of rejection, depression due to divorce, sexual abuse and marital discord are some of the mental trauma faced by the current generation. Hence they try to forget the problems by using such euphoric drugs.

Cocaine is a substance which produces a desire so over powering that breaking free from its habit in the initial stage itself is difficult.

People who have inclination to lose weight also end up getting addicted and landing in serious complication like malnutrition.

When to Suspect That the Patient Is Addicted To Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction like all others doesn’t go unnoticed even in initial stages if you look for following symptoms.

-The absenteeism from school, work places and education institutes should be inquired.

-Demanding money, interest in money matters and stealing money are not to be neglected as they are indicators of the forthcoming problems.

-Disinterest in job, family matters, study, food and grooming are common in abusers. The expression and habit of abuser are indicative of addiction.

-The signs of depression and mood swings show the mental involvement of addict. When the patient shows psychological involvement it is time to act fast.

Take good care of your health and say no to drugs.

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