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Posted by hajamie On April - 17 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Cocaine History And Popularity

Competing only with alcohol and marijuana use, cocaine is one of the most popular substances abused in the western world. In addition, cocaine use is also surrounded by an aura of fame and wealth, augmenting its popularity as the drug of the upwardly mobile. Though, this image of the cocaine user may have peaked in the “yuppie” and “me” generations of the 1980’s and 90’s, this aura has accompanied the drug for most of its historical relationship with the west.

From Pope Leo XIII, who purportedly carried a hip flask of Vin Mariani, the 1860 popular cocaine laced wine, with him wherever he went, to Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional super-detective, who regularly injected himself with cocaine. Doyle’s character lauded the drug to his assistant Dr. Watson, declaring cocaine to be, “so transcendentally stimulating and clarifying to the mind that its secondary action is a matter of small moment.” And everyone is familiar with the popular drink, Coca Cola, which included a “pinch” of coca leaves in it’s original recipe until 1906 (after 1906, the company used decocainized leaves), when the Pure Food and Drug Act was passed in Congress. Even the famous story, “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” is known to have been written by Robert Louis Stephenson while he was on a six-day cocaine binge.

Only briefly, during the “moral panic,” of the early twentieth century, was the drug’s abuse regulated to the “bohemians, gamblers, high- and low-class prostitutes, night porters, bell boys, burglars, racketeers, pimps, and casual laborers,” according to the 1903 Journal of American Pharmacy. Though, while it’s abuse was derided, it remained popular as a stimulant and cure-all for the “enlightened” population. Even as late as 1938, the Larousse Gastronomique was published carrying a recipe for “cocaine pudding”.

Cocaine’s popularity soared again in the seventies and eighties disco culture, with popular culture portraying it as the drug of the rich and famous, the yuppie and the college student. Cocaine was portrayed favorably, or at least exciting, in many movies, such as “St. Elmo’s Fire,” where its casual use is portrayed as normal as alcohol consumption. Cocaine shared the spotlight in the music industry as well, with such popular hits as Eric Clapton’s song, Cocaine,” and “Cocaine Decisions,” by Frank Zappa.

As mentioned, in the early part of the twentieth century, society was beginning to recognize the addictive and destructive nature of cocaine. While the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was introduced to required labeling of all cocaine products, it wasn’t made illegal until the 1914 Harrison Narcotics Act, which banned all nonprescription use of cocaine products. This Act also improperly labeled cocaine a narcotic, of which the misclassification has continued throughout popular culture (Cocaine is a stimulant).

Although technically outlawing all distribution and use of cocaine, it was still legal for registered companies and individuals. Cocaine did not become a controlled substance until 1970 when the United States listed it in the Controlled Substance Act. Until that point, enforcement was low and its use was relatively open and rarely prosecuted in the United States. Yet, even this classification did not deter its use and the eighties saw a dramatic rise in its use by American teenagers.

Around the same time, a new development, the introduction of “crack cocaine,” into society, made it more accessible to lower income neighborhoods, causing its popularity to sour in the later prt of the twentieth century. “Crack” is a concentrated cooked, “free-base,” highly addictive and highly potent form of the cocaine drug. The name derives from the cracking sound of evaporating water as the cocaine solution is cooked.

Currently, world consumption of cocaine is approximately 600 metric tons annually, with the United States consumption proximately half of the total, and Europe 25% of world’s consumption. In 2005, the U.S. market alone exceeded $70 billion in revenues, exceeding most major U.S. corporations. Today, cocaine’s street value is approximately $50 to $75 a gram (called a “fitty rock), and $125 for 3.5 grams (an 1/8 ounce called an “eight ball”).

Cocaine use is a major world industry, whose popularity has only increased over the years, despite the increased awareness of its addictive nature and dangerous effects. Even with the introduction of so-called designer drugs, cocaine remains the second most popular drug in America (after marijuana). It rarely, if ever, used for medicinal purposes today, as safer drugs have replaced its indicated use. Yet, in spite of it all, cocaine, its use and abuse, will have to be contended with for many years to come.

By: Simon P.

About the Author:

Simon P. writes for a variety of helpful websites. Learn more about cocaine addiction

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Posted by hajamie On April - 14 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

What You Should Know About Cocaine Addiction

Barney Garcia asked:

Cocaine is extracted from coca scrub and is the most powerful stimulant having addictive and anesthetic properties. It is commonly known as ‘coke’ and was once upon a time the ingredient of coca cola. Cocaine has produced a major health hazard in America. The complication arising from use is difficult to tackle. The effect of cocaine is so energizing that it numbs the intellect producing a sense of euphoria. It is an addiction which is difficult to break.

An Over View Of the Drug Named Cocaine

Cocaine is available in the form of white crystalline powder. It is chemically changed so as to produce the street drug ‘crack’ which is widely used by drug abusers to smoke.

The route of administration of cocaine is through injections, smoking and inhalation.

The spread of HIV infection due to the use of injected cocaine has become a cause of concern for the society.

How Do People Fall Prey To Cocaine Addiction?

There are various factors which push a person into the clutches of this dreaded drug.

We find many people trying to make easy money by the sale of this drug in streets. The jobless and depressed are easily duped by the touts.

Psychological vulnerability is the root cause in most of the instances. The feeling of rejection, depression due to divorce, sexual abuse and marital discord are some of the mental trauma faced by the current generation. Hence they try to forget the problems by using such euphoric drugs.

Cocaine is a substance which produces a desire so over powering that breaking free from its habit in the initial stage itself is difficult.

People who have inclination to lose weight also end up getting addicted and landing in serious complication like malnutrition.

When to Suspect That the Patient Is Addicted To Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction like all others doesn’t go unnoticed even in initial stages if you look for following symptoms.

-The absenteeism from school, work places and education institutes should be inquired.

-Demanding money, interest in money matters and stealing money are not to be neglected as they are indicators of the forthcoming problems.

-Disinterest in job, family matters, study, food and grooming are common in abusers. The expression and habit of abuser are indicative of addiction.

-The signs of depression and mood swings show the mental involvement of addict. When the patient shows psychological involvement it is time to act fast.

Take good care of your health and say no to drugs.

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Tibor A. Palatinus asked:

Abusers of the crack create turbulence and chaos into families with their crack abuse. Disorders of the delusion of the crack can ruin lives and countless relatives. How can one arrange the truth to the lies of the crack? Cogen for abusers of crack cocaine between three worlds: 1. Their own illusions or beliefs of what he wants to see 2. Delusions brought power to abuse the crack 3. Agreed to in real life or in society. What you will discover what world are working indoors when they are abusing the crack? This is a confusion I hope to help clarify. What is creativity: Any time a person is creating his life. With their dreams and desires of what she wants to achieve or attempts, people create their relationships, attitudes and beliefs. Creative individuals are wonderful to be added as a life 's experience in positive ways. The way the artist is demonstrating how to put creative people in daily activities. What is delusion: the delusion and illusion can be easily confused by an abuser of the crack as well as non-users of drugs. The delusion is what others put other things in their own world without your natural consent or natural energy. More so, the illusion is a reality not created by oneself and not seen or experienced by most other people. The delusion is a false experience. Example of the delusion: the abuse of crack just steal a car to get out and try some of their crack dealer. They are fearful and Illinois. Make a little crack. Now feel very well, as you can handle anything. That 'delusion s. In about 5 minutes to half an hour, stars and want more crack. Reality starts to interfere with their crack delusion. Smoke more crack. Once again can feel like lead and feel confident. That 'delusion crack s. In another 10 minutes they are feeling pressure from the crack completely and now have to operate in the law. So more smoke crack. The delusion can also be one that downplayed everything you 've reached, although achievements are real. Their disbelief of you is a delusion. If you allow in your life, that delusion can ruin their ability to create. What is reality: The reality is that each agrees to be true. The best example of reality is the physical experience we have. We see trees, cars, feel the air in our face, smell the fumes of the car, feel the sun. That 's the reality, as everyone working with the senses, you also know these things to be true. Now, what about a crack users' reality: Don 't expect that the truth comes from an abuser of the crack all the time, but make sure to recognize the truth when speaking. A family member may have all manner of 'stories' to emerge from a crack cocaine user' s mouth Fixing the false illusion of an intelligent creative abusers is challenging. However, to say aloud the truth of the delusion is absolutely vital if you want to keep your grip on reality. Notice I said, its grip. Abusers of the crack create turbulence and chaos into families with their delusion. Abusers of the crack and are willing to work hard to introduce such knowledge delusion in their lives as possible. To achieve a sense of crack 'wellbeing', common reality must be ignored. Sometimes bullies just can 'of the crack; to won' t create your own dreams and work to make these real. They get lazy and crack for finger and have your dreams, this is crack delusion. This is true even of executives and professionals from the top flight. Are lacking somewhere in their dreams. People falling from the crevice and creating true dreams and building their own lives, not the delusion is one of the crack finally stop lying. Some believe that sobriety is the only way to reach the truth.

Gabriel Adams asked:

Coca? Na of crack is a derivative of coca? Na that a compound extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. It is considered a recreational drug by many users, experienced a nearly EUF? Rich and well-being of the energy a. The problem is that coca? Na of crack, like other illegal drugs is very dangerous and can cause death or serious side. Cocaine 's use of recreational drugs such as est? quiz? s second only to the use of marijuana. The availability list in the street makes popular in urban neighborhoods m? S as poor? as the houses of the rich. Coca? Na of crack is? Tion among all drugs in the street is that? available in small packages? old, relatively cheap. Units as small as $ 1 can provide as a single stroke. The affordability of coca? Na means that the crack is m? Sf? It easy for users to obtain, which in turn means m? S danger. Coca? Na of crack is a smokable form of cocaine? Na, coca? Na crack is considered to be of a type of drug row slip? N, while the coca? S na? it is considered to be used primarily by middle and upper classes. Pressure? Users about the application? No law has been relentless and has been declining? No use of the processing assets. Criminal penalties for the use of coca? Much na m of crack? S? Spera that use of coca? Na. The posesi? Of 5 grams of crack, if it is? sentenced to 5 to bring years of in prison? n. The extent? Rgica of police officers has decreased the use of which is definitely a good thing. Coca? Na of crack were found in the western hemisphere, but now he has gone to London, but has no followers in Australia or New Zealand. The campaign? As active in the anti-crack appears to have reduced the n? Number of users for at least the 'last 1990' s but those who used the crack was often the m? S young ym? S vulnerable. Coca? Na of crack is a very dangerous drug. If you or love is? using, you should seek professional help immediately.