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hotfactsgirls asked:

Posted by hajamie On June - 7 - 201025 COMMENTS

The CIA Crack Cocaine Drug Trade Exposé

Stated very simply, to fund the Nicaragua Contra army, the Central Intelligence Agency imported and helped distribute Cocaine produced in Nicaragua into America. This massive infusion of cocaine created the crack epidemic of the 1980s. It resulted in a generation of black men dying or being incarcerated for an irrational amount of time due to racist sentencing laws for possession of crack cocaine. Digg it: Take the Red Pill @

By: CommonSense2k8

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Posted by hajamie On March - 1 - 201025 COMMENTS

The CIA and Crack Cocaine

nyakuti5 asked:

See more @ In tribute to the late investigative reporter Gary Webb. Irrefutable evidence that the the US government was responsible for the catastrophic crack cocaine epidemic. Also features Freeway Rick and US Senator John Kerry.

Posted by hajamie On January - 12 - 20106 COMMENTS

Is Kate Gosselin a bad mother?

Stargirl C asked:

I heard her husband is cheating on her, because she’s always mean to him. And that she uses her kids to get money.

Glamorous asked:

these are the ones i have:
marijuana, acid, cocaine, LSD, salvia, methamphetamine, ecstasy, prescription drugs, heroin, crack cocaine, opium, mushrooms,nicatine, and alchol.

Posted by hajamie On December - 28 - 200915 COMMENTS

how do i tell my story to the world?

jib12588 asked:

An ongoing investigation started the hassle of cleaning up their eyes the way am nothing in secondsonly to all that we lost over one that they were pouring useless energy the atf alcohol tobacco and attached it was sick.

Baby Sleep Tonight

Posted by hajamie On December - 8 - 20099 COMMENTS

Three Strikes your out law?

Jhoanne asked:

how is this law fair. my brother is 21 years old. and he already has 2 Felony. one for having 1 gram of crack cocaine and another one for stealing a car. how can they do a racist law like 3 strikes your out. our child hood sucks we never got anything. who else thinks obama should remove the 3 strikes your out law if he can

Hush-a-Bye Baby

Posted by hajamie On August - 4 - 20096 COMMENTS

Help me find some pictures please?

sophie asked:

I need links to pictures of what appears in the brain when the number of drugs and alcohol, I google someone? Ne I couldn 't find It 's for a school project. I 'd prefer boxes of ecstasy effects of marijuana, the crack / of cocaine, and Herion, and alcohol. Help me please.

The Baby Shower Kit

Sam B asked:

I recently found out that my baby sitter of most of my life has been on crack cocaine since I was 2. should I have somthing checked out by a doctor or somthing what should I do?! Btw- I don’t got a babysitter now.

Hush-a-Bye Baby

Alcohol and drug abuse in West Virginia has become quite a problem in recent times. Modern trends indicate that there is an increase in all kinds of addiction prevailing in the state. Here we take a look at some trends:-

Alcohol Abuse in West Virginia

Alcohol addiction in West Virginia is rampant in the rural areas. Though there are several people with alcoholism problems in the cities too, the number of alcoholics in the rural areas is more. Out of the approximate 5,100 admissions that take place in rehab centers in the state each year, about 37% of the people are engaged in alcoholism. This makes alcoholism the most prominent form of addiction in the state.

Cocaine Addiction in West Virginia

Both forms of cocaine, i.e. the crack cocaine and cocaine HCl, are available in West Virginia. Crack is more common in the small towns and the villages of West Virginia, while cocaine HCl is more common in the advanced city areas. The supply of cocaine comes from areas such as Baltimore, Columbus, Detroit and Washington DC. The substance is brought into the state through illegal drug trafficking.

Heroin Addiction in West Virginia

Heroin is available considerably in various areas of West Virginia, though it is not present to as great an extent as some of the other drugs present in the state. Most of the heroin that comes into West Virginia is sourced from Pennsylvania and Maryland, especially from the cities of Philadelphia and Baltimore. Heroin is one of the strongest forms of drug addiction in West Virginia. Though only about 4% of the people who check into drug addiction treatment in West Virginia are heroin addicts, the problem is still significant because it is a very difficult kind of dependency to treat.

Methamphetamine Addiction in West Virginia

Methamphetamine is certainly one of the most popular forms of addictions in the state. There are various regions in the state that are buzzing with methamphetamine activity, especially the Panhandle area which can be considered to be the epicenter of all forms of methamphetamine activity within the state. The main source is the various meth labs that are operated in the state, run by one or two family members who use crude raw materials such as cough syrups containing ephedrine and pseudoephedrine for the preparation of the substance. One of the most prominent external suppliers of West Virginia is the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, Kentucky and the country of Mexico.

Despite the various methods of meth sourcing in the state, there are also several forms of control exercised. There are numerous highway interdiction points set up in the state in order to check the inflow of methamphetamine in the state. Also, there are frequent crackdowns on meth labs on the state in order to check local production.

Ecstasy Addiction in West Virginia

Ecstasy or MDMA is a very popular club drug in West Virginia. It is used mostly in party hotspots, by youth groups, almost all over the state. However, the usage of MDMA is most rampant in the region of Morgantown. The drug, a popular rave drug, is difficult to check because it is supplied in small quantities to clandestine party spots and its distribution is quite difficult to check. Ecstasy is not classified as an addictive drug in the state but it is a serious problem nonetheless. People who consume ecstasy usually do so in binging sessions which further complicates the problem.

Marijuana Addiction in West Virginia

Marijuana is a big problem in West Virginia because it is produced locally as well as imported from other states, notably Maryland and Virginia. Another important source of marijuana addiction in West Virginia is Mexico, from where low quality marijuana is easily available. Though the usage of marijuana is not considered to be addictive in West Virginia, the usage of the substance is quite significant. Marijuana addiction is generally treated in an outpatient treatment setting within the state.

These are the main forms of drug addiction in West Virginia. Since there are different forms of addictions, there are also different kinds of treatment procedures employed in the state. There are various specialized rehab centers catering to people with different kinds of addictions. Though there are treatment centers spread across the entire state, some of the most significant centers are found in areas such as Beckley, Fairmont, Huntington, Nitro, Parkersburg and Wheeling. You can easily find a program suited to your needs with a little research on the Internet or through counseling provided by a substance abuse expert in the state.

By: Todd Lange

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