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Archive for July, 2009

Sam B asked:

I recently found out that my baby sitter of most of my life has been on crack cocaine since I was 2. should I have somthing checked out by a doctor or somthing what should I do?! Btw- I don’t got a babysitter now.

Hush-a-Bye Baby

Posted by hajamie On July - 29 - 200919 COMMENTS

Cheech & Chong – Cocaine

br0ck13 asked:

Well not really cocaine…

Hush-a-Bye Baby

Posted by hajamie On July - 24 - 200925 COMMENTS

Skazi – Kokaina

kauesantista asked:

Sign Language For Babies And Beyond

Posted by hajamie On July - 21 - 200924 COMMENTS

JJ Cale, Cocaine

artrock3d asked:

JJ Cale doing Cocaine on Jools Holland

Hush-a-Bye Baby

Posted by hajamie On July - 19 - 200913 COMMENTS

Tripping Horse "Kokain"

obscuramedia asked:

österreichische Band Tripping Horse mit dem Song Kokain. Video von obscuramedia. (

Complete Autism Package

Posted by hajamie On July - 18 - 20091 COMMENT

What does poprocks & coke mean?

heckyealevel1foreverlol asked:

Only answer this if you really know, I’m not talkin about the candy and drink…kids at my skool say it’s crack and cocaine or w\e, but i’m not sure…idk man…

Complete Autism Package

SOADCD asked:

Hush-a-Bye Baby