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Posted by hajamie On May - 18 - 201022 COMMENTS

Live at Yokohama

maluku79 asked:

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22 Responses to “Live at Yokohama”

  1. Borokotown says:

    who cares. It’s the best Song ever. That voice, awesome

  2. irishcrusader99 says:

    1995 they first formed 🙂

  3. stoney5970 says:

    co FUCKIN caine

  4. akbill2 says:

    There needs to be more live rock vids like this.great job!

  5. dusticeland says:

    Buckcherry has been around since at least 1999. That’s when their debut came out, so if anything Silvertide sounds like Buckcherry!!

  6. MrCboruff says:

    the song is the best

  7. TequilaMawkingBird says:

    @vonnicolai yeah what the fuck did happen at 3:09?

  8. iTouchHelp100 says:

    toronto? i went to the toronto concert. buckcherry wasnt that bad

  9. j0elself says:

    its called lit up….

  10. vonnicolai says:

    What happend at 3:09 ? Great performance though…

  11. telecasterchopper says:

    Buckcherry, a GREAT band!!!Keep on rocking,guys!!We luv ya!!

  12. 890589 says:

    who is this fabulous band..?

  13. aerosmithica says:

    he does act and look like Mick Jagger! lol ..sounds kinda like silvertide and the singer from Velvet revolver

  14. gc1282 says:

    Sign up for my social network. Send me a message if you want to join.

  15. Ir0nMaiden723 says:

    saw them last night… opening for KISS actually, hes got about 500 more tats and sucks even more

  16. Lukvania says:

    You are NOT ACE FREHLEY..

  17. La7uky says:

    he moves like mick jagger…tries to be scott weiland and sings like steven tyler…wasted

  18. 890589 says:

    Leave ace out of this..

  19. UwillPay99 says:

    songs called Lit Up

  20. F4M0U5JC says:

    The riff you fag it is actually rip off of well known motorhead song ace of.

  21. JeffHardyXtreme1993 says:

    i wit ya but id have to put kiss somewhere in there

  22. JeffHardyXtreme1993 says:

    listen to shock me the guitar in the beginning of this song is a rip off of Ace Frehley

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