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Posted by hajamie On May - 23 - 201026 COMMENTS

De Kust van de coca?ne – Colombia

journeymanpictures asked:

Januari 2010 Buenaventura het epicentrum van de Columbiaanse tragedie. 80% leven in armoede en de sociale wanhoop heeft de drugshandel aangetrokken om de citys afro-Columbiaanse jeugd als zijn beschikbare medewerkers aan te wenden.

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26 Responses to “De Kust van de coca?ne – Colombia”

  1. fiendin281 says:

    @tenthousandyearsgoon zo wij shouldn' t probeert?

  2. tenthousandyearsgoon says:

    Hoe houdt u de kartels tegen? Zij maken zodat veel geld zij iedereen, politie, overheid, iedereen betalen.

  3. tenthousandyearsgoon says:

    Koel misschien ja als oude youre 14yrs.

    Groei kerel die shit dodelijk is en permanente hersenenschade veroorzaakt, zelfs als zijn zuiver gemaakt… wat om over al huisvuil te spreken dat op de straten is.

  4. americanboy171 says:

    ?Spics es mexicanos y puertorrique?os tan Fck ellos!

  5. cannoir says:

    Pensé que el spics era mexicanos

  6. JacobHettich says:

    de cokes fucking ontzagwekkend liet hen in u stomme fucks

  7. americanboy171 says:

    OMG Thoes Columbianen heeft Probleem gaat naar Hel Spiks veroorzaakt

  8. 762full says:

    Obviously yes, but have I not been to Colombia

  9. cerritoboy says:

    The same fucking thing to remove uribes ass from power and third dont allow uribe sorry man no more terms in honduras the same fucking thing to jail.

  10. rmpbklyn says:

    @cerritoboy, this type of hatred is what gives colombia a bad reputation
    and it also gives terrorist reason to control their cities …. oh sorry not terrorists — para militarists or aka gorillas

  11. rmpbklyn says:

    @762full, do you live in Colombia???? have you not heard of plantations and colonies also????? duh

  12. rmpbklyn says:

    hmmmmm, also Sie von einer Tatsache, dass nur Amerikaner Kokain in der ganzen Welt und nirgendwo anders benutzen, woher wissen Sie erhalten Ihre Tatsachen???

    It' s ziemlich ironisch seit I' m kolumbianisch und in Amerika

    sind Stereotypen f?r kleine gek?mmerte Leute, die can' t nehmen die Zeit, ihre Gehirne zu erlernen und zu erweitern.
    Ich f?hle mich traurig f?r Sie

  13. rmpbklyn says:

    if they legalized it , the need would not be so important and would reduce it’s rate. Also this would lessen the profits and all this drama and horrid events would stop.

    just like alcohol, if you want to kill yourself then you are a fool and others should not be involved
    there are many other elements that are dangerous and deathly and these are not illegal, it just takes some heart and common sense to stop self inflicted deaths (eventually drugs will kill you)

  14. fiendin281 says:

    you still have to try and fight the drug dealers. Legalizing it will stop Average Joe from getting arrested over 5 grams of weed but it’s not going to stop the cartels. This you have to do through direct methods.

  15. fiendin281 says:

    yes i agree with you that legalizing it would hurt their profits but i think you agree with me that you still can’t let those guys run rampant peddling drugs without consequences.

  16. tenthousandyearsgoon says:

    Is this a joke, all these police are being paid off by the cartels.

  17. tenthousandyearsgoon says:

    Not a place to raise a child?

    Have you ever been there, know someone very close that lives there, or are you just spouting steam?

    My hunch is that youve never been to Holland.

  18. tenthousandyearsgoon says:

    Yes, you are right, but drugs are already destroying society. Nothing would hurt the drug dealers more than legalization.

    I mean come on! This problem is unsolvable for this reason. You can get an ounce of coke in Mexico for 100 dollars and you can sell in in America for over 1000. There is so much money to be made that even if they started giving dealers the death penalty they would still do it due to the sheer vastness of profit.

    Unfortuanetly there is no quick fix.

  19. godial says:

    And I ask!!!??? Will the US base’s do anygood in Colombia? Will it be the solution for the drug traffic? Or it will just create a very well arm’s bussiness for both countries?time will say no???

  20. cannoir says:

    @ssnubb123 it is legal in Holland. you know the Dutch everything is legal there. Not a place to raise a child.

  21. cannoir says:

    discúlpeme su majestad, we are entitled to our opinion.
    we are not seeing those afrocolombians you are talking about .You refuse to answer the question because you know colombia has a deep racial issue and its visible.

  22. cannoir says:

    @babujispeaks not trying to pick up a fight.
    Uhm.. no whites are not a minorty all over the world.they outnumber blacks largerly. and I haven’t counted people from the caucus and half of the middleasterners who are blond and blue eyed. The numbers are online .

  23. Dave209 says:

    Well at least there saving energy!.. 3:14

  24. NYskerfan says:

    people who pick youtube fights… ugh such a big pet peeve haha

  25. ssnubb123 says:

    For anyone that doesnt know and this stuff gets more.

  26. NEIL says:

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