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Posted by hajamie On June - 7 - 201025 COMMENTS

The CIA Crack Cocaine Drug Trade Exposé

Stated very simply, to fund the Nicaragua Contra army, the Central Intelligence Agency imported and helped distribute Cocaine produced in Nicaragua into America. This massive infusion of cocaine created the crack epidemic of the 1980s. It resulted in a generation of black men dying or being incarcerated for an irrational amount of time due to racist sentencing laws for possession of crack cocaine. Digg it: Take the Red Pill @

By: CommonSense2k8

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25 Responses to “The CIA Crack Cocaine Drug Trade Exposé”

  1. tkanenigga says:

    For the drug when these stories and can be found at every local corneralleyschool yard sounds pretty good to me.
    For the drug when these stories and can be found at every local corneralleyschool yard sounds.
    For the drug it was real crack epidemic drug when these stories and ads started being.

  2. johnboiphoenix says:

    I disagree most people dont know it has gotten.Most people dont know that our economy is controlled by private bankers,or that toxic levels of mercery are put in the vaccines,or that fluoride is a poision thats added to the water and toothpaste,or that the IRS is private and none of the income tax goes toward the debt or economy just the interest of the loan ect Its not about “faith”lol its about people being mislead and misinformed.If most people knew these things they wouldnt be going on.

  3. CommonSense2k8 says:

    the preacher without a solution is not looked upon kindly. And who are you to say if must of the people don’t realize how bad things have gotten? Do you really have that little faith in your fellow man? Come up with solutions, other than being a preacher, and then we will have something useful to discuss.

  4. johnboiphoenix says:

    LoL.Well the ONLY reason these people can take taxpayer money and commit these types of crimes is because the people really have no idea how bad things have gotten and how the world is run and that nothing happends by mistake so informating yourself and as many people you can is the best way to start.Like Alex Jones says its a “infowar”Information vs. Disinformation Lies vs. truth but the keys is to inform but also live what you speak

  5. CommonSense2k8 says:

    Nice! Now we are on to topics of relevancy, but I think that 28 trillion dollar number is slightly high, but whatever. These are real issues that matter to the average person today, whether they are aware of it or not. So what do you think can be done about it?

  6. johnboiphoenix says:

    My original comment was posted to get people researching the truth which will shatter the racist opinions of some of the people who commented before me.Secondly most people dont know these things.You choose to attack the messenger instead of either disproving me or just shutting up.I mean your CIA Cocaine video is cool but RIGHT NOW our troops are guarding opium fields in the war on terror.Right NOW private bankers have stolen around 28 trillion dollars from the American people.The list goes on

  7. CommonSense2k8 says:

    if you are so focused on bloodlines and histories from 80 years ago, you are a historian, not a “truth seeker” because the only truth you will ever find is going on right now, but you are ignoring it for details of the past, that may or may not be true, to try and interpret events of now. Now is what matters. NOW!

  8. johnboiphoenix says:

    Sorry sir but I mistook you for someone seeking truth thats why I was trying to have a dialog with Facts that can be researched but your replies and filled with opinions and ideas with no facts which is text book disinformation intentional or not.

  9. johnboiphoenix says:

    Now Im no Sherlock but if you put all this together you have to admit that its pretty solid and he “disappeared” for 10 months early in his career and he tried to destroy all his familys records.But Im just telling you this so you can look it up yourself.There has always been elites and they have almost always stuck together and have almost always been corrupt.

  10. CommonSense2k8 says:

    the ramblings of irrelevancy. If you think any of this matters, then you must think everyone with power in the world has a secret plan that you are not aware of. Maybe I am part of it, or maybe, you are part of it but aren’t aware of it yet.
    In all honestly, stories of the past are easy to change to whatever the storyteller wants them to be. All that matters is right now, and what you are doing about it.

  11. johnboiphoenix says:

    Ramblings?The elites are culturally diverse look at Obama he is generally considered a black man but he is actually cousins to Bush and Cheyney and if you go far enough back many other prominent politicians and entertainers including Brad Pitt.The Hitler part is like this, Hitlers grandmother was a servant for Salomon Rothchild.While there she became pregnant and was immediatly sent away.The Barons wife didnt even live with him and he was a known womanizer.Why did Hitler cover his past?LOOKITUP

  12. CommonSense2k8 says:

    What you said about race is true today. The rest is just illogical ramblings by someone who spends to much time on websites with dark backgrounds and little citations, except for the last sentence, which again is true today.

  13. SixtiesFan90 says:

    @randy95023: Randy, AngryGoyim sounds like he’s honest, but when anybody throws race into their argument, that’s usually a sign, they may very well be working for the bad guys…………….

  14. SixtiesFan90 says:

    @tfrenn: I’ve come across AngryGoyim before, and he definitely does not sound like a honest truth seeker……….in fact, he’s probably working for these people.

  15. johnboiphoenix says:

    If you look at the world policy makers like the Bilderbergs its made up of all races bound by nobility.Racism is a allusion to divide the people.The depopulation plan includes us all.Example: Hitler was a jew that butchered millions of other jews.Love is truth everything else is a lie

  16. wallonthefly says:

    Truth is freedom.

  17. tfrenn says:

    AngryGoyim I used to see things just like you, but I started to figure why blacks, and especially native americans are the way they are, they are a product of their own environment and have had their history stolen from them, blacks don’t realize that thats how the government wants them to be, uneducated, ignorant and dependent on the socialist welfare system so stop being an angry goyim and start being an angry human being

  18. CommonSense2k8 says:

    and this qualifies as “some corruption”?
    that could be the understatement of the year.

  19. rvlqcitizen says:

    Careful folks, taking the red pill could lead to your untimely demise. Dissemination of the truth could be hazardous to your health, and freedom.

  20. jorgemexicali says:

    foo, they are the dirty work and the ones trying to kill us.

  21. randy95023 says:

    AngryGoyim- What you state is basically true, but the way you put it makes you sound like a total @sshole! You could make the case that no one “forces” anyone to use dope without the rascist part. Race doesn’t have much to do with it if you look at how many white junkies and meth users there are. Leave race out of it and what you state is unfortunately true…

  22. humonculus7 says:

    There’s always going to be some corruption.

  23. rebeccababich says:

    True but this is also very true and many whities have died and suffered. Please check it out, this is what our leaders are all about, they are going to kill us next.

  24. CommonSense2k8 says:

    The drug trade it is the same deal with Heroin and cocaine… this video just details one example.

    and please don’t make racist statements. It makes you look foolish.

  25. starmanskye says:

    teambushi: Probably 60% of Americans have had their brains poisoned by fanatical Nationalistic propaganda, to actually endorse the massive crimes of state committed on behalf of ‘freedom’ and ‘law’, ie. murders, abuses, atrocities, kidnappings, torture, exploitation, blackmail, mind-control, experimentation, covert-ops, mafia complicity, assassinations, coups, wars, false-flag attacks, media manipulation, lies to public & Congress, abuse of authority, genocide, destruction, blackmail, fraud.

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