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Posted by hajamie On March - 17 - 201016 COMMENTS

Kate Moss doet een paar lijnen

alphaq40 asked:

Zie deze jongens en meisjes? Beroemder worden sommige lijnen, en meer geld! … kate van het onderwijs verbazend drugs van de moscocaïne lohan britneyverdovend middel

Posted by hajamie On December - 13 - 200923 COMMENTS

"Frank" anty-reklamy kokainy – Pablo the Dog

CantCopeWontCope asked:

Zobacz og?oszenie dla rz?du "Frank" narkotyków kampani?, koncentruj?c si? na kokain? i zawieraj?ce znak "Pablo narkotyków mu?owy pies", nag?o?nionej przez Peep Show star David Mitchell.

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Negr o

The article said that LeBron was addicted to crack cocaine growing up, and when he finally broke his addiction he realized his talent at basketball. That it was his way of telling people that if you say no to drugs then you can realize your true potential. Is this true?
And you already created multiple accounts to give yourself best answer. I don’t give you a hard time, relax.

By: pau “the racist” gasol

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How To Make A Diaper Cake

proudmatriarch asked:

I have a friend who thinks being on drugs. Seriously. How can you tell if a person is on crack cocaine? And when they're losing it, losing weight and generally can not hold food down completely? How does your face usually appears? IE: blood injected eyes, runny nose. Any info you could give me would be really appreciated.

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Posted by hajamie On May - 11 - 20094 COMMENTS

Does Crystal Meth make you hallucinate? ?

I know LSD, Peyote, Shrooms, and the extract from those fun-frogs make you trip out, but what else does?
Do any of the following make you hallucinate at all? Cocaine/crack cocaine, Methamphetamine’s/amphetamines, Opium/Opiate derivatives, PCP, or.. Whatever?

I don’t do drugs myself, but it’s *ahem* for a school report.

By: Sam

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Posted by hajamie On April - 15 - 2009ADD COMMENTS

Cocaine to be used in schools

Cocaine is one hell of a drug

Cocaine is one hell of a drug

A new government initiative is being launched, which aims to decrease school children’s contact with dangerous drug dealers, improve attendance and increase productivity.  The main idea behind this initiative, lead by Gordon Brown, is to replace free milk for children with free crack.  This is likely a more popular idea than that of Margaret Thatcher, who abolished free milk in schools.  Instead of “milk snatcher”, Gordon Brown is to be known for “spreading the crack around”.

It is thought that the main reason for this highly creative directional change on the part of the government is to get children off the streets between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30.  It is expected that absence from schools will decrease as the well known addictive properties of the drug take hold.  Studies have also shown that productivity in schools is likely to increase as a cause of the drug.  Unfortunately productivity may be followed by depression, so part of the governments budget for the initiative is to be spent on a small army of counsellors and psychiatrists.  This move has been welcomed by counsellors and psychiatrists.

It is not yet known wether the drug will also be rationed to teachers, some of whom are reported to spend as much as half their saleries on such drugs in order ease the pressures of dealing with dilinquant teenagers.  A spokesman from the National Union of Teachers (apprpriatedly abbreviated to NUT) has gone on record saying that strikes may follow if such teacher hand outs are not given.