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Cocaine to be used in schools

Cocaine is one hell of a drug A new government initiative is being launched, which aims to decrease school children’s contact with dangerous drug dealers, improve attendance and increase productivity.  The main idea behind this initiative, lead by Gordon Brown, is to replace free milk for children with free crack.  This is likely a more popular idea than that of Margaret Thatcher, who abolished free milk in schools.  Instead of “milk snatcher”, Gordon Brown is to be known for “spreading the crack around”. It is thought that the main reason for this highly creative directional change on the part of the government is to get children off the streets between the hours of 8:30 and 3:30.  It is expected that absence... (more...)

Posted by hajamie On June - 3 - 200925 COMMENTS

KDD – Ghetto Cocaine

FISH4K asked: Best off the Best Sign Language For Babies And Beyond  Read More →

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Robin Williams – Live At The Met – Cocaine

Jagron asked: Robin Williams carrying out of the cocaïne part of his famous Live At The Puts standup routine. If you have aimé this, consult l& #39; another part of its routine with Pick Your Babys Gender  Read More →

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Are you sure you’re open minded?

STFU Dude asked: I do not know for you, but I am not always d& #39; a person sensée. When télévendeurs, call à outdistance, I am not open d& #39; spirit. I am also of not l& #39; spirit open on the léchage of circuit breakers or ace. Then, d& #39; o? ? l& #39; opening d& #39; spirit GOOD open être d& #39; spirit and bad end? I cannot m& #39; empêcher of MUSE that many chrétiens to criticize the others with the more près l& #39; spirit, but have d&amp... (more...)

proudmatriarch asked: I have a friend who thinks being on drugs. Seriously. How can you tell if a person is on crack cocaine? And when they're losing it, losing weight and generally can not hold food down completely? How does your face usually appears? IE: blood injected eyes, runny nose. Any info you could give me would be really appreciated. Complete Autism Package  Read More →

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Toribash On Cocaine

notBowen asked: All my replays, singleplayer Toribash. How To Make A Diaper Cake  Read More →

AKLOR asked: from the history channel Baby Shower Games  Read More →

GtrWorkShp asked: The Baby Sleep Solution Audio Program  Read More →

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Does Crystal Meth make you hallucinate? ?

I know LSD, Peyote, Shrooms, and the extract from those fun-frogs make you trip out, but what else does? Do any of the following make you hallucinate at all? Cocaine/crack cocaine, Methamphetamine’s/amphetamines, Opium/Opiate derivatives, PCP, or.. Whatever? I don’t do drugs myself, but it’s *ahem* for a school report. By: Sam About the Author: The Baby Shower Kit  Read More →

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What does 40,000 lbs of cocaine look like?

USCGImagery asked: Coast Guard Video: The Coast Guard offloaded more than 40000 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $500 million from cutter Sherman here April 23, 2007, seized by the crew in three busts near Central America in February and March. The offload will include approximately 38000 pounds of cocaine seized in the largest cocaine bust in maritime history. The Ecuadorian-flagged fishing vessel Don Juan K was approached in the Pacific Ocean Feb. 19 off the coast of Mexico while allegedly... (more...)

Posted by hajamie On April - 28 - 200924 COMMENTS

Eric Clapton i Mark Knopfler – Kokaina

Granada28 asked: Eric Clapton i Mark Knopfler – Kokaina USA 1988. Sign Language For Babies And Beyond  Read More →