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hotfactsgirls asked:

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24 Responses to “Drug Truth; Cocaine & Crack, Hot Facts Model Emily Information about cocaine, not red bull cocaine but the drug cocaine and crack cocaine. How long does cocaine stay in your system? How do people make cocaine? Does cocaine have an oder or smell? How do people smoke cocaine or snort it? What is the recipe for crack cocaine? Who are some famous cocaine users? Where does cocaine come from? What does Billy Mays have to do with cocaine? This is by Emily the Hot Facts Girls or Fun Facts Girl. www …”

  1. Sakunachi says:

    or she took cocaine to lol jk

  2. KHkilla says:

    Hey Sweetu,

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  3. Kush4SaleTV says:


    We in here

  4. jjlwis says:

    lolz… when the audio goes bad… you can really hear Emily’s Heart Beat…. she’s Nervous!

  5. metalhead456789100 says:

    nice vid you are FINE! haha

  6. Spyder8477 says:

    so true, so true…

  7. Luigi84289 says:

    @Spyder8477 It leaves your bloodstream rather quickly.

  8. Bowshot4399 says:

    Where does her statistics come from. 1200 convictions for cocaine. I believe it is a lot higher than that. There were approximately 250000 cocaine/heroin possesion related arrests in 2007.

  9. coasteys says:

    she kinda reminds me of Heather Locklear

  10. ponit54 says:

    I swear more people would listen to u if u took off ur top.

  11. newbutthunt says:

    racheals the hotest one yummy.

  12. WarpSpeedStarship says:

    Show Us Your BOOBS!!!!

  13. Spyder8477 says:

    nice Freudian slip there! Cocaine does make you have to shit, more often than not, it’s before you actually do the coke. Snorting it seems to be the method of usage attributed to the shitsies! Oh, hey, any reason you didn’t have anything concerning the usage of cocaine in the bloodstream of one of your workers. I’m here at my bros house, maybe we’ll see each other again before I go west

  14. zendragondrew says:

    When the audio messed up in the middle it sounded like I was on coke, hah.

  15. shotgunsmoke says:

    Would of loved to see her do some lines for us.

  16. silentthriller says:

    Potty mouth!

  17. DaBoyAlexxx says:

    For food or sleep hahahahahhaa.

  18. AkScoochy says:

    You showed opium poppies in the background when talking about where cocaine comes from… lol.

  19. surrealmax3 says:

    Thanks for tackling the drug vids Emily 🙂 😛 Keep up the good work everyone.

  20. dotnetjunkie1 says:

    Yea, Cocaine comes from the coca plant…(again, not the opium poppy that was shown)

  21. dotnetjunkie1 says:

    Yep. The video showed an opium poppy plant (where morphine [and, thus, heroin], codeine and other pain medication come from)…Apart from that, though, good presentation from a beautiful girl. 🙂

  22. ahigheztarget says:

    At 31 seconds, that is a picture of poppy aka the plant where heroin comes from, not cocaine….

  23. BigAndTall666 says:

    Nicolle is more addictive!!!!

  24. JACK says:

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